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The festive season is approaching and many people are already planning their holiday get togethers. The family barbie is at the top of the list. But there’s nothing worse than firing up the grill when it’s sizzling hot outside. Ozmist iKOOL to the rescue! Designed to operate in indoor and outdoor areas, this portable evaporative cooler can reduce the temperature by up to 10 degrees! Even if you're holding the party in a marquee, its handy wheels enable it to be transported anywhere allowing you and your family to stay cool no matter where you are.
Having guests at this time of the year can be quite stressful, especially for those who don’t have air conditioning. It doesn't make sense to pay for an air conditioning unit to be installed when you're just going to move anyway. But when the temperatures rise, everybody gets hot and sticky. Fatigue, dizziness and irritability are just some of the problems it can cause. The elderly and kids also need special attention. The iKOOL is a great alternative to Air-Con as it can also be used indoors and you can take it with you when you move house. To top it off, it comes with a remote control for even greater convenience.
Suitable for different environments, the iKOOL is also perfect for keeping work areas cool. No one likes a hot, sticky workplace! The iKOOL is a smart choice for warehouses, industrial settings, workshops and offices. You can roll it into the workshop, the office or outside for the year-end function. By reducing the temperature, you’ll increase productivity, staff morale and profits to kick off 2016 with a bang.
The iKOOL is available in two models, the EX35 for areas up to 25msq and the EX70 for areas up to 70msq. And the units from Ozmist are some of the most powerful domestic units available in Australia, with the 70EX pumping out a MASSIVE 7,000 cubic meters of air per hour. That’s enough cool air to fill a two bedroom house!

iKOOL key features

  • Massive Air Volume.
  • Ozone water disinfection – using ultraviolet light,

this kills any nasties and bacteria that can grow in stagnant water.

  • Extremely low operating costs compared to a portable refrigerated cooler. Average running costs would be approximately 9c per hour on electricity.
  • Large water storage capacity. The 70EX will run for approximately 10 hours (93 litre capacity), using only 9.3 L / hour.

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