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OZspotlight: Piccolo Mondo

Posted by Izabella Werneck on

Santino Cattafi from Piccolo Mondo in Melbourne Santino Cattafi from Piccolo Mondo in Melbourne


Santino Cattafi from Piccolo Mondo is part of the Ozmen and Ozwomen team of venue owners and managers that refuse to be affected by 30+ degree heat. This special group of individuals won’t allow their venues' alfresco areas become empty on hot summer days. Instead they know how to keep their customers and staff cool and happy thanks to OZMIST.

Piccolo Mondo, an Italian eatery in the heart of the famed culinary point Lygon Street, a.k.a. "Little Italy". Whether it’s a nice long lunch or a special dinner, Piccolo Mondo is ready to exceed customers' expectations offering an authentic Tuscan inspired food experience and a quaint and acclimatised environment.

"We had our OZMIST misting system installed a long time ago to leverage our beautiful courtyard even when the heat is unbearable", says Santino. Piccolo Mondo has two High Pressure Misting 450mm Fans in the courtyard area. The kit throws cool refreshing air over 8 meters, reducing the temperature through the use of high velocity wall mounted fans with stainless steel misting rings fitted to the face. OZMIST cooling systems provide more comfort to the clientele and they feel like spending more time in the restaurant. "When it's very hot, they can go outside to chill out and smoke because the system cools down the temperature", adds Cattafi.

Under the big umbrella roadside, the venue also has the OZMIST High Pressure Static Line Kits installed. This system consists of lengths of stainless steel tube that run under covered areas to create a curtain of mist. Misting lines create a stunning visual effect and provide a high degree of cooling and protection from flying insects. Plus they don't wet surfaces because the mist hangs in the air and evaporates before settling. Santino affirms: "When it's 35 degrees it’s perfect for the system. Customers love it. It’s like sitting under cool fresh air.

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