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mOZmist - Add on

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The mOZmist system is a simple add on to traditional Ozmist mist cooling systems and is designed to eliminate flying insects using existing misting lines or a new installation.

Completely safe for human consumption, natural Pyrethrum is the world’s oldest and most versatile insecticidal. Pybo Pyrethrum has Australian government approval for use against an exceptionally wide range of insects and bugs in almost all situations.

The mOZmist system is easily installed and designed to work with any Ozmist high pressure pump module (Commercial and Industrial), either upon purchase or as an easy to install add on kit. It consists of a dosing pump, adjustable timer and water non return valve which is easily connected to the water supply and pump. It is mounted on an aluminium plate which bolts to the wall.

How does it work?
PyBo is supplied in 1 litre containers that are fitted to the aluminium frame. The dosing pump is controlled by a programmable timer and injects exact amounts of PyBo into the water supply going to the mist pump. The PyBo concentrate mixes with the water in the mist pump and is dispersed from all of the nozzles in the misting system.

The mix ratio is just 1ML of PyBo to 1 Litre of water being pumped through the system. When the mist pump is plugged into the mOZmist module, the Dosing pump starts when the mist pump is first turned on. Dosing periods can be altered according to the amount of insects but 40 seconds run time is widely accepted. Further doses will automatically take place every 2 hours of mist pump operation. If the insect problem is particularly bad run time can be increased and time off intervals can be reduced.

No bugs? Simply turn it off and your system will run as normal.



Easily added into any OZmist high pressure system (Commercial OR Industrial)

Highly effective against a wide range of bugs and insects.

1ml of PyBo per litre, for 40 seconds for 2 hours of  operation. Making it a cost effective cooling and insect repellent.

Safe method of insecticide kills pests on contact within minutes.

Simple and easy to use
No wetting of floors or surfaces
More comfortable alfresco experience

By introducing an insecticide with your misting system, you get better coverage, killing more bugs and insects.

No lasting residue, but making your misted area insect free for a couple of hours after use.

Approved for use by the Australian Government


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