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MOZMIST brought to you by Ozmist.

Posted by Jilla Simsen on

Introducing the latest in misting technology perfect for a bug free summer.

Mozmist will not only take care of your cooling needs but make your alfresco area bug and insect free. Natural Pyrethrum (Pybo), is the world's oldest and most versatile insecticide. Pybo has Australian government approval for use against an exceptionally wide range of insects and bugs in almost all situations.

To utilise such a diverse product was an opportunity that Ozmist could not pass up. Creating an add on dosing pump that can be added on to an Ozmist high pressure system.

Misting is and effective form of cooling, using principals of flash evaporation, not letting any floors or surfaces get wet. And now with Mozmist in action you can be completely comfortable, cool and bug free.

The add on dosing Pump introduces the Pybo into the water supply at a dosage rate of 1ml per liter for 40 seconds every 2 hours of operation. This creates a bug and insect free zone for up to 2 hours while being cooled by the refreshing mist from the misting system.

 Talk to us today to see how our Mozmist dosing pump can help your outdoor area/venue cool and bug free.

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