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Alfresco Cooling - High Pressure Mist Systems

Alfresco dining at hotels, restaurants, cafes and even outdoor areas at home is more popular than ever but our high summer temperatures can make the experience unpleasant.

Installing an OZmist misting system will provide genuine cooling for guests and patrons during our long hot summers and make the area more usable.

OZmist misting systems create a stunning visual effect that will draw people in and keep them longer.

OZmist supplies two different systems for Outdoor Cooling. The most commonly supplied system is a Static System where lengths of stainless steel tube are run either under covered areas or around the perimeter of the building to create a curtain of mist. A high pressure pump module is supplied to create the high pressure water required for evaporation.

Fan misting systems are also very popular where height, cover and open spaces are available.

Our high pressure mist kits come in a Static Stainless Steel or fan based solution. We even have a range of retro fit kits, if you have existing fans installed!