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Low Pressure Misting Ring Kit

Low Pressure Misting Ring Kit

  • $10910

Low Pressure Misting Rings are for use with a high velocity fan and garden hose. Our Low Pressure Misting Systems use the principle of evaporative air conditioning to create a “cool change” when ever you need it. Low pressure misting fans are perfect for use at home or work.

Made from high pressure components they designed to last for years.
Each misting ring is fitted with 3 specially designed misting nozzles. The 150mm in line filter ensures nozzle blockages are all but eliminated. Simply fit the ring to the face of a fan, connect to a garden hose and enjoy cool, refreshing mist anywhere you want.

Please note that due to the low pressure of the water going through the nozzle the droplet size from the nozzle will be quite coarse and can create wetting. Extra distance between the fan and objects is required.

Express Postage is included. For multiple purchases please contact us. Three Low Pressure Misting Rings will fit in a 5kg Express Post bag. If purchasing more than one ring in a single order please call 1300 306 478 so we can combine shipping costs.

**Fan not included**

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