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PortaMist mk2

  • $2,99000

Introducing the new PortaMist mk2:

Ideal for work and home

Heat can be a major problem on many job sites. Extreme temperatures can result in worker fatigue, decreased productivity and heatstroke. The new PortaMistmk2 is a fast and effective way to cool a work space down by around 12 degrees in a matter of minutes. Easy to setup and simple to use, the unit provides incredible cooling both indoors and out.

The 4 misting cycle modes and 3 different speeds give users the freedom to adjust it according to their needs. Plus the ultra-low level noise fan means nobody will be distracted while they’re working.

The fine mist produced by the PortaMistmk2 will deter flies and other insects without leaving surfaces wet. The unit can also be connected to an additional 2 x misting fans to provide even greater coverage, using our new KTW and KTS water proof misting fans.



  • 70L storage tank (3.5 hours constant run time - up to 7 hours by using misting cycles)
  • 1,000 PSI high pressure pump module
  • Four misting cycle modes
  • 3 x wheels for easy mobility and stability
  • Included Filter at pump module
  • 650mm fan
  • Low Level Noise Fan
  • 3 x speed, oscillating fan
  • Water Proof – IP44 rated
  • 10m air throw (100m sq! COVERAGE)
  • 6 x nozzle misting ring

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