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35EX - Portable Evaporative Cooler

  • $79900

Keep your workplace and home cool with the iKOOL Evaporative Cooler.

It’s a smart choice for warehouses, industrial settings, workshops and offices - keeping your staff cool in the hottest of temperatures.

The iKOOL is also an excellent option for families. The portable cooler can be places on patios and decks or in marquees. It can even be used inside the house.

The iKOOL is available in two models, the EX35 (areas up to 35m sq).

35EX Features include:

  • On board water tank.
  • Patented fan blade - produces high output with low noise.
  • Multiple air inlets, allowing for greater air intake and cooling.
  • Motorized louvers to control air flow direction.
  • LED display and control panel.
  • Remote Control Operation.
  • No Maintenance & Low running costs.
  • Ozone water disinfection.
  • Water level sensor and Alert.
  • Box Dimensions = 515mm x 545mm x 1280mm

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