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4 x 450mm Fan - High Pressure Misting Kit

  • $000

Ozmist Misting Fans add extra cooling through the use of high velocity wall mounted fans with stainless steel misting rings fitted to the face. The air stream from our 450mm fan will throw cool refreshing air over 10 meters.

Kit systems are regularly sent around Australia and don’t require a qualified person for installation. Kit systems include everything that will be required for the installation including a full instruction manual and phone support should there be any queries.

Freight is included nationwide within Australia.

The kit will come on a pallet, all instructions included.

Area Coverage of system?

The OzMist 4 x fan high pressure misting kit will cool down an area approximately 140m sq

Kit includes:

1 CPM25 Commercial Misting Pump CPM25
4 450mm Wall mounted Fan Set FB-45E
4 200mm 4 nozzle misting ring FST1906
1 50m 3/8 Nylon Tube NT3/8-50
5 1/4 MI x 3/8 Tube Union 3105-023
4 3/8" Tube x Tube Elbow 3112-03
4 3/8 Tube x Tube x Tube Tee 3155-03
30 3/8 Tubing Saddles 3050-03

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