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650mm Portable PatioMist - Misting Fan

650mm Portable PatioMist - Misting Fan

  • $79900

The perfect solution for your outdoor living space at home!

PatioMist Cooling Fans are the latest innovation in misting system technology and do not need a high pressure pump module to create the very fine mist required for fast and efficient cooling.
Instead they use water pumped from the attached storage tank on to a stainless steel disc that spins at very high speeds. The result is millons of very fine droplets that are blown away from the fan to create a cool refreshing breeze.

Droplets that are too big for evaporation simply run back into the tank where water is stored and reused. A garden hose is connected to the tank to supply a continual supply of water.
The water flow to the disc is also adjustable—on hot days a higher flow may be required while on cooler days a lower flow may be desirable.
Wall fans are three speed and come with a pull cord to alter the speed. A second cord turns the mist function On or Off.

Some very cool features;

  • No wetting of floors or surfaces!
  • Instantly reduce summer temperature by up to 14 degrees!
  • Reduces flies and other flying insects!
  • Wall and Pedestal versions available

650mm Portable PatioMist comes shipped in 3 x boxes:

Total Shipping Weight 50Kg

Box 1 (mm): 630x550x540

Box 2 (mm): 740x740x550

Box 3 (mm): 1420x170x120


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