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650mm Wall Mounted PatioMist - Misting Fan

  • $65000

The perfect solution for your outdoor living space at home!

These fans are the latest innovation in misting systems and do not use a high pressure pump module. Instead they use water pumped from the tank by a small submersible pump and sprayed on to a stainless steel disc that spins at high speed to create millions of very fine droplets that are blown away from the fan.

Any droplets that are too big simply run down a tube back into the tank where water is stored and reused.

The Wall Mounted PatioMist misting fan is a 650mm fan, which is perfect for outdoor living areas requiring a higher air flow. The fan will run without mist for when the temperature is cooler.

Fans are three speed and come with a pull cord to change the speed. A second cord is attached which turns the mist function On and Off.

Installation is very simple. The system is supplied in two box's and it is simply a matter of fixing the fan bracket and fan to the wall and attaching the water tank below. The system requires a 240 volt power supply and a garden hose water supply to keep the tank topped up.

The Ozmist Wall Mounted PatioMist comes with a 12 month warranty.

Please contact us for freight pricing as it varies Australia wide.

Some very cool features;

  • No wetting of floors or surfaces!
  • Instantly reduce summer temperature by up to 14 degrees!
  • Reduces flies and other flying insects!
  • Wall and Pedestal versions available

650mm Wall Mounted PatioMist comes shipped in 2 x boxes:

Total Shipping Weight 27Kg

Box 1 (mm): 410x350x220

Box 2 (mm): 740x740x550


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